When To Apply Medical Supplies To Your Pet

Pets are a big part of our lives – they guard our homes, play with us and our families and worm their way into our lives. We certainly do not like them to be sick or in pain but vet’s visits are pretty expensive and we seldom have medical insurance to cover it. Having some basic medical supply at home will make it possible to treat minor injuries, scrapes and cuts that really do not need to be dealt with by a vet. This can help both you and your pet – they seldom like going to the vet.

Here I need to stress small injuries. If there is a big hole or the animal is really hurting a lot, it is more humane to get them to their “doctor”. We cannot give the same pain killers that we use to our pets so you will need some sort of vet prescription. If they have eaten something they shouldn’t or are very ill, get them to the vet as soon as you can.

Personally I have a cat that I love – Tiddy Tat. Now Tiddy Tat is a special case. She is a real little lady until it comes to defending her territory – from cats and dogs. As a result, she tends to fight a lot and does not always win. There is usually at least one extra vet visit a year. With Tiddles, I won’t treat her myself – she is impossible to keep still, even when in pain and gets very agitated. In these cases, a vet is the better bet.

So, your animal is a little hurt and you want to help. Start by putting them alone in a room that they will not be able to get out of. Get some disinfectant liquid out and disinfect it. Get a helper to hold them down.

If the animal is very upset, try coaxing them to take a few drops of Rescue Remedy. Get your helper to hold them down – a towel may be a good idea and be aware that they may snap at you when you are cleaning the sore. Gently was the sore and disinfect it. Soothe the animal at the same time.

In some cases, it may help recovery if the area is clear of hair. If so, use a disposable razor but only if the animal can be kept still. Once the area is clean, put on some salve and then bandage up. Most animals will try to get the bandage off as soon as they can.

Once all is done, give them a cuddle, put them off in a quiet room where they are able to rest undisturbed.